Glitter Craft: Rainbow Glitter Pencil/Brush Holders

Hi everyone! In my effort to get onto Facebook Live more often and learn the ropes, I’ve started doing some glittery project tutorials for you! For my first project I show you how to turn old soup cans from your recycle bin into pretty, glittery paintbrush or pen/pencil holders! It’s soooo easy and fun!

Maybe once I get more confident in my ability to actually run these crazy things, I’ll start giving you advanced warning when they are coming up, haha! But in the meantime I’m just popping in at random to show you fun things! So, if you’d like to see my crazy, random tutorials, please like and follow the Glitter Glamper page on Facebook and sign up for notifications! In the meantime though, you can check out my first FB live project video right here!

Published by Gretchen

Gretchen Fleener is an author, magazine editor, body painter, and entertainment agent based in Minnesota. She sells face & body art supplies via her online store, acts as an entertainer and agent at local events, publishes a body art magazine and teaches at workshops and conventions around the globe.

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