Dollar Tree Camper Makeover!

Last week I shared a photo of this little camper I picked up at the Dollar Tree on social media, as I was thinking about giving it a new paint job. Today I gave my little camper a makeover! Well, actually TWO campers…I really got two of them that day.

I’m kindof afraid to go back into Dollar Tree now as I might not be able to resist picking up a few more of these and creating a little trailer park!!

Anyway, I started by spray painting one white and one silver, and repainted the first (white) one to look like the Glitter Glamper, live on Facebook. You can check out the live replay here if you’d like to see how it went, or if you’d like to pick up your own and paint along with me! Here’s the before and after of the Glamper themed one:

The second one I did off camera but it turned out really cute too. I used glitter fabric paints to make a sparkly string of lights!

Check out our Facebook page for a short time lapse of this being painted! Why not swing by the Dollar Tree if you live by one, and pick up your own camper to paint? If you do, please share with us on our page…we’d love to see what YOU came up with!

Published by Gretchen

Gretchen Fleener is an author, magazine editor, body painter, and entertainment agent based in Minnesota. She sells face & body art supplies via her online store, acts as an entertainer and agent at local events, publishes a body art magazine and teaches at workshops and conventions around the globe.

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