The Glamper’s First Gig!

Wow, I just realized that while I share things on Facebook, I haven’t posted in my blog since May! Part of that has just been how crazy busy it’s been this summer! I spent most of June working on finishing touches to the Glamper, in preparation for her first event on July 4th! I’ll go back and share more details on some of the things I worked on, but today I wanted to share some pics from the first event that I took the Glamper to!

I was so happy to have the Glamper’s event debut be at one of my favorite regular clients, Interlachen Country Club, for their big 4th of July bash! Normally I don’t even work on the 4th as I host family, but this year was special being the Glamper’s first event, so I HAD to be there. Since I really had JUST gotten everything ready in time for this event, I hadn’t had a chance to drive it around and practice towing and parking myself. Luckily my awesome husband Wayde offered to drive it there and park for me! Whew…one worry off of my mind! Though I DO plan on practicing up so I can go it alone in the future!

However, as soon as we hooked it up to take it to the event, we noticed the break and turn lights weren’t working! Ugh! Not sure why…they worked fine last time we towed it! Anyway, we had to get on the road so I ended up driving our other vehicle behind him to act as our turn signal. We stopped at an auto parts store in hopes of finding temporary trailer lights, but they had none! No more time…we had to GET there! So we drove together the rest of the way, got parked, and I had a couple hours to get everything set up and get my other artists situated.

At this point I was just so glad it was THERE, I had to take a selfie with Wayde! Once we got un-hitched, Wayde went out and found some temporary lights that he’d later bring back and install for our ride back home after dark. THANK YOU!!

I was really hoping to use my awesome, red and white striped awning for this event, to shade my artists outside. Plus, it just really looks cool! I worked really hard to come up with a system that would support the awning on pavement, not requiring any tension ropes or stakes. Win!! I’ll share how I did that in another post. But, unfortunately it was CRAZY windy, so I couldn’t set up the awning.

At first I thought I’d put up some cute, striped pennants to help frame the area, using my awning poles and vintage cooler pole weights to hold them. But, alas, the wind was even too strong for these little pennants, so they had to come back down before we started. Ooh well, at least the Glamper itself was at an angle to provide some shade out front!

I worked for probably a little over an hour setting things up inside and out, before some of my amazing team started to arrive! Tricia (left) snapped this pic of her, myself and Tina inside the Glamper before we started. Tina was one of my 3 balloon twisters that day, and Tricia worked at the Glamper with me.

This is my FIRST ever client to be glittered up inside the Glamper!! I believe her name is Avery, and she got a patriotic glitter tattoo. I just had to get a selfie with the Glamper’s first guest!

It was HOT that day….I mean real hot…I worked inside the Glamper while Nanette and Tricia worked out front. At one point my thermometer read 97.8 degrees inside…I had several fans pointing on me but did fell as though I was fighting heat stroke. (Side note…I did end up purchasing an air conditioner the following week!) We all made sure to drink a lot!

I wish I had gotten some photos inside the Glamper! Arrgh, kicking myself! We were just SO slammed with non-stop event guests the entire time, I never took the chance. Out front Tricia did glitter tattoos and Nanette did face painting. Inside I did both of those things, as well as our new “sparkle sleeve” designs!

Here’s an example of one of the sparkle sleeves…the patriotic theme. I have been making custom stencil sets for these, and will be offering them at the state fair as well, as an alternative to touching the face for those who may still be leery post-covid. They were a hit!

Once kids started seeing the sparkle sleeves, many more came back to get them. At one point I was lining up several kids at once, painting them up “assembly line” style so that I could get everyone in without too long of a wait! In the end I learned that I should not attempt to offer 3 different things at once. It got a little chaotic inside the Glamper trying to keep three different kits sorted and neat, and then with the supplies that get used across all three, I felt like I was always hunting for something! Next year we’ll have enough artists doing each individual item that we’ll have less lines and everyone can try everything!

This was my view for 4 hours…lots of cute, happy kids dressed in patriotic colors, having a blast! Interlachen REALLY knows how to put on an event, and even after many years of working with them, I am always amazed by their attention to detail and spectacular surprises for their guests!

Here are just a few of us at the end of the night…the camera didn’t quite capture the coating of glitter stuck to every inch of our skin, haha! The heat & humidity sure did help the glitter stick!

I love this shot that Tricia captured after Wayde and my boys arrived to help bring me home! My 11 year old Toby is underneath the trailer, helping run the wires for the temporary trailer lights. My oldest, not pictured, is in the back positioning them on the bumper! These guys were definitely as instrumental as my team of artists in making tonight a success!

Toby rode home with me as we followed the Glamper home. This was the first time I haven’t spent the whole day with my family on the 4th, but we had a great celebration on the 3rd, and Toby really enjoyed watching the fireworks on the way home! Being that we were on the road home right when every city’s fireworks were starting, we were able to catch several shows on our drive! While this pic turned out a little blurry while driving, I think it was a great shot to end the night!

All in all the Glamper’s first event was a great success! I learned a lot, made some improvements already, and can’t wait to see where she goes next! For now I’ll be focusing on my county fair coming up soon, and my booth at the MN State Fair, but hope to get the Glamper lined up for more events from then on!

Interested in seeing the Glitter Glamper parked at YOUR next event? Contact me here for a quote!

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Gretchen Fleener is an author, magazine editor, body painter, and entertainment agent based in Minnesota. She sells face & body art supplies via her online store, acts as an entertainer and agent at local events, publishes a body art magazine and teaches at workshops and conventions around the globe.

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