MN State Fair Booth Tour

Last summer I took some video clips with the intention of making a video to share with my fellow face and body painters! Everyone loves to see other artists’ fair booths, myself included! We all learn so much from sharing with each other! Well, I finally got around to piecing together those clips into a video, giving you a sneak peek into my booth layout, even the “employees only” back room!

This was my second year at the MN State Fair, 2021, and the booth did evolve and change quite a bit from my first year in 2019. Of course the first year comes with a TON of time put into designing, planning and executing. The second year still had a lot of this as I made changes based on how the first year went. My hope is that after another year or two, I’ll have this booth down pat like I do with my county fair booth…where I have it all figured out, I just set it all up in a day or two, and I’m ready to go! But for now, the designer in me keeps working on how to make it all look and function better! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @glitterglamper to follow this year’s adventures…in addition to the state fair, we’ll be working out of the real Glamper…a vintage Shasta trailer, at the MN State Fairgrounds’ Kickoff to Summer in May, and at the Carver County Fair in August! You won’t want to miss it!

Published by Gretchen

Gretchen Fleener is an author, magazine editor, body painter, and entertainment agent based in Minnesota. She sells face & body art supplies via her online store, acts as an entertainer and agent at local events, publishes a body art magazine and teaches at workshops and conventions around the globe.

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